How to enjoy Kyoto

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How to enjoy Kyoto

Neighborhood Information


There are some exit to use Subway

Bus Stops

To Nijojo Castle
To Kyoto Station
To Arashiyama, Tenryuji Temple, Daikakuji Temple
To Nijojo Castle, Kinkakuji Temple
To Kyoto Station
To Heianjingu Shrine, Nanzenji Temple, Ginkakuji Temple
To Gion, Kiyomizu Temple

Gas Station

Public bath


Location Capacity Daytime Rate Max Rate for Daytime Nighttime Rate Max Rate for Nighttime
P1 Maximum 3 9:00-21:00 100yen/20min 1500yen 21:00-9:00 100yen/60min 800yen
P2 Maximum 6 8:00-22:00 100yen/20min 1500yen 22:00-8:00 100yen/60min -
P3 Maximum 5 8:00-20:00 200yen/40min 1500yen 20:00-8:00 100yen/60min 500yen
P4 Maximum 5 8:00-22:00 100yen/20min 1500yen 22:00-8:00 100yen/60min 500yen
P5 Maximum 5 9:00-19:00 200yen/40min 1500yen 19:00-9:00 - 500yen

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